EZ Tub 55 56 57 Chevy OEM Style Mini Tub Tubbing Inserts


Application: 55 56 57 Chevy Hardtop and Sedan, 2 and 4 Door Cars


Don’t like the look of cut up 50 gallon drums in your trunk? Ya niether did we. To take advantage of all that space between the outer fender and the OEM frame we decided that sectioning and widening the stock wheel tub would be the way to go. A few quick advantages are greatly reduced cost, easier to install than mini tubs and the ability to maintain an OEM appearance.

Our Tri 5 EZ Tub kit comes with 4 pre curved inserts (2 per side) and a square of flat sheet for filling in the bottom rear drivers tub. The kit is made out of 20 gauge cold rolled steel, the same gauge and material that your OEM tubs and floor are made of.

Each 4.375″ wide insert has .75″ flanges on both sides and a 2.875″ wide dropped center. Simply split your tub top from front to rear using a 3″ cut off wheel, jig saw or nibbler, cut the tub perimeter where it meets the trunk floor, move it over about 3″ and reinstall after trimming the floor.  Lay the pre-curved inserts over the top of the tub allowing the dropped center to fill the open gap which provides a flush surface inside the tub.  Plug weld into place using the pre-punched 3/16″s holes. The flanges will absorb variations in your split cut as well allowing you to move the tub from side to side about .4″ for a custom fit (helps to hide mistakes!). The inserts are generous in length providing about an extra foot of material to work with.

Detailed instructions are included along with many photo’s posted here to aid in your installation.

Custom kits available!

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Weight 8 lbs