Master Cylinders, Prop Valves, Pedal Sets

OEM Reproduction, Racing and Hot Rod Designed Master Cylinders, Proportioning Valves, Pedal Brackets

Trying to gather compatible small brake parts can drive you crazy. FAB Quest now offers small parts kits as well as hard to find individual componenets to help fill in those gaps.

We offer the heavy duty Total Cost Involved pedal brackets as well as our affordable Hot Rod pedal sets. Solutions include OEM bolt in, custom  “under the floor” as well as universal sets. Swapping over to a 4 wheel disc brake system? We have the correct parts to make your system work correctly. Please call us for assistance on this critcal decision!

Just a note on master cylinders: All of our master cylinders use the same GM “center to center” hole spacing and are physically interchangable. Functional differences come with where the ports are located (left, down, right) only. Be sure to consider interfearence with valve covers and fender panels. Each visual style of MC is available with appropriate inernals for disc/drum, disc/disc, power or manual bore diam. and short or long stroke. This gives you the choice to pick by visual style or an OEM exact match.