About FAB Quest

Our Company – Our Culture

Time for reflection. I wrote the below statement when we launched the store in 2008. Currently we’re on our 2nd website, moved to a larger shop and have become a player in this industry. Beyond those successes our model has not changed one bit. I believe we attained this level of performance due to our methodology as stated below. Integrity is still and will always be, the core of our existence. Here’s to another 12 years! 

Did you notice the phone number at the top of every page? It’s intended to send a strong message about our commitment to create a relationship with each customer. Why would you want a relationship with a retail store? Well, the next time you’re not sure where to cut a hole in your custom frame or have a question about how to go about splitting your wheel tubs….call us. If you’re unsure of the differences between a 7″ dual diaphragm brake booster and a 9″ brake booster…call us. Want to know if FAB Quest is just a couple of ambitious college kids running a “web store” out of their dorm room? Please, call us. Not many online stores will make that commitment….look around and try to find their phone numbers. If you can, call them….seriously.

What is FAB Quest?

Beyond the obvious, we are a dedicated group of hot rodders who decided that it was time to pursue our passion beyond the weekend boundaries. We pooled our professional resources with the intent of opening our doors as a turn key, custom rod parts retail outlet.

Our background includes many years of being employed at and running multi-million dollar ecommerce web stores. We know what customers want, we know how they wish to be treated and we know that communication is essential to the success of an e-commerce transaction. To this end, FAB Quest has typical corporate standard operating procedures in place giving the customer a seamless purchase AND support experience. We will provide the online customer with downloadable product installation direction PDF’s, spec sheets and even offer product/installation videos! We are not a large corporation but understand what to extract from those past experiences and what to leave behind. FAB Quest offers the intimate 1 on 1 small company buying experience, readily available live staff waiting to assist with your questions and all the know-how of a large companies operations department. We know what you want…it’s what we all want when we look to purchase online. Ease of procurement along with purchase confidence which equals satisfaction. To that end, we will make ourselves readily available by phone during normal business hours, web “contact us” inquiries and e-mail. We will be quick to reply 7 days a week during hours that will surprise you…try it. Did I forget to mention we love our cars? We love to build, fabricate and drive our rides. Whenever possible we will use one of our own cars to build FAB Quest prototype parts off of. 

Our Product Line

There is a tremendous amount of custom car products in the marketplace. Most of it is made overseas. FAB Quest’s core concept was to provide unique and relevant parts not found elsewhere in the marketplace. The parts will be made locally to our standards and as previously mentioned, prototyping will take place using our own cars or those of friends in most cases. This process is somewhat long . The store needed filling out so we sought out other relevant lines that were poorly represented in the market place and met our core criteria. Viking Performance has taken a large market share with a fantastic US made coil over shock, MBM Brakes is the single source for OEM performance brake parts. They also offer top shelf custom items to help fill in the OEM gaps. OEM means quality with proper fitting parts. Total Cost Involved is at the top of their segment. They consistently make superiorly engineered suspension components….here in the USA.

At FAB Quest we will do our very best to manufacture our parts here in the USA and carry similar lines of unique and quality US made parts. If there is something that you would like to see us make/offer, please drop us a note with your needs. For us gear heads, half the fun is fabbing up the part…the other half is watching it go down the street!

Thank you for visiting FAB Quest! Now get out there and build something cool!

Dave Antonucci