SALE Wilwood AFX 2ND Gen Pro Spindles 70-79 GM

PN: 831-15958


Application: 1970-1981 GM F-body, 1975-1979 X-body, 1973-76 A-body vehicles

Wilwood’s AFX 2nd Gen Pro Spindle Kits contain a pair of high-strength steel spindles with a more rigid steering arm, eliminating the archaic GM factory sliding caliper mount. These spindles are engineered to simplify upgrades by directly mounting Wilwood calipers and performance disc brake kits. Improve the handling and braking of 1970-1981 GM F-body, 1975-1979 X-body, 1973-76 A-body, and 1979-90 B-body (originally equipped with 11” rotors) vehicles. A 2.00” drop lowers the center of gravity for less body roll and improved looks, without affecting steering geometry. Installs using OE ball joints with original or aftermarket control arms.

Look to your upper left for hub and rotor kits or search under the Wilwood category above on the red button bar.

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Weight 28 lbs