Wilwood “Super Pedal” Brake & Clutch Pedal Assembly – Forged Arms

PN: 340-11295


Application: Universal Firewall Mount – For Powerful Race Quality Braking WITHOUT a Booster – Forged Arms with Adjustable Foot Pads


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Forged Super Pedal Brake and Clutch Triple Master Conversion Kit w/Adjustable Pads


The only difference between this pedal and the standard Super Pedal is that the arms are forged vs. cast and this unit has adjustable foot pads. Included MC’s are the all aluminum High Volume units which can be polished. Combination MC’s are available as option. They come with 2 plastic reservoirs and hoses for both “on unit” mounting or remote mounting.

This is the best solution available for strong braking power without using any kind of brake assist such as a vacuum power booster or the very ugly hydro boost system. By using 2 small manual race quality master cylinders this Wilwood pedal creates line pressures equal to or greater than assisted systems. You also gain tremendous brake “feel” and the safety of never losing your brakes because of engine failure. Each master is sized and dedicated to either the front or rear circuit. This system is compatible with single or multiple piston calipers of all designs. They are adjustable for front/rear bias by adjusting with the patented Wilwood balance bar system. This is a very simple under dash, pedal mounted, adjuster. The attractive aluminum master cylinders protrude only 5″ into your engine bay and are quite narrow. They come with bail release black aluminum tops. The entire 3.7 lb pedal assembly (sans MC’s) is fully anodized in Wilwood’s new Platinum-E color.

This dual pedal is our triple master cylinder model which incorporates a 3rd MC (same physical size and appearance as the other MC’s) for actuating a hydraulic clutch. It will work with both hydraulic throw out bearings or a typical slave cylinder. This is the simplest and easiest way to add a hydraulic clutch system.

This is a fantastic solution for those looking to:


  • Minimize engine bay intrusions
  • Upgrade their braking to a race quality system that does not require power assist
  • Replace their OE pedal with a lighter (only 3.7 lbs) adjustable aluminum unit
  • Easily add a hydraulic clutch MC
  • Improve the overall appearance of this often ugly equipment
  • Forged heavy duty pedal arms 
  • Non slip adjustable pedal pads are included

 Pedal mounts to firewall (vertical wall) and under dash (horizontal bracket). You will need to create some brackets to mount this under your dash. The pedal has 4 horizontal “ears” with bolt holes that are easily mounted to with angle iron etc. The pedal is made of very sturdy anodized aluminum and finished with a racy look. The pedal comes with adjustable non slip pads. Pedal ratios are a powerful 6.25:1 thus reducing leg fatigue. The clutch pedal is designed to operate performance/race style pressure plate systems. Pedal spacing will accommodate all steering column widths.

Pedal arm is 11.88″ long. Assembly mounted length is 12.21″ long. The bottom edge of the pedal pad sits approximately 7.5″ away form the firewall when in its relaxed position. Included MC bore size is as follows: clutch = .75″, front brakes = .875″, rear brakes 1.00″. Call to change bore sizes for like 1 ton axles etc.

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Weight 11 lbs

Swap Out MC\'s To Combination MC\'s

Bracket Kit, Firewall Mount

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