TCI 47-54 Chevy Pickup Truck Power Brake Pedal Assembly


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Application: 47-54 Chevy Pickup Trucks With Stock Frame

TCI 47-54 Chevy Pickup Truck Power Brake Pedal Assembly: This custom “beneath the floor” pedal bracket features an appropriate length “power assist” arm and bracket that mounts to a stock Chevy pick up truck frame. It properly positions the booster and MC in the stock location. The pedal arm will come up through your floor in the OE location. All TCI brake pedals are of heavy guage US steel construction, use nylon or brass bushings on all pivot points for a stout and smooth operating brake pedal. They are considered the standard of the industry. There is nothing better.

Kit includes a single diaphragm 7″ zinc plated universal booster and new iron corvette style master cylinder. More options below.  

Add the proper proportioning valve and residual valves (highly recommended) if you need them. Residual valves are required to stop fluid drainback from caliper or wheel cylinder into MC. These plumb inline and vastly improve how fast your brakes respond with under floor units.

Power booster, prop valve and master cylinder options available below. Using an 8″ booster may require a little trimming to fit. You can choose to purchase the pedal WITHOUT the booster and MC below.

Pedal is 100% Made in the USA!. Package weighs a hefty 42 lbs. The pedal ships from TCI, everything else ships from FAB Quest.


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37 38 39 40 41 Chevy Pickup Truck Power Brake Pedal Assembly Includes Booster and Master Cylinder

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs

Add A Power Booster & MC

Add a Proportioning Valve

Residual Valves - Needed For All Under Floor MC Mount - Front & Rear Circuits Each Need Their Own Valve

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