Pro Line 28-31 Ford Power Brake Pedal Assembly – Black Powder Coat


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Application: 28-31 Model A Ford Stock Frame or as a Universal Frame Mount Pedal

Pro Line 28-31 Ford Power Brake Pedal Assembly – Black Powder Coated: This is our brand new heavy duty “beneath the floor” pedal bracket powder coated black for corrosion resistance. It features an appropriate length “power assist” arm and bolt on bracket that mounts to a stock Ford Model A frame. The pedal arm will come up through your floor in the OE location. If your frame is boxed you will need to weld the bracket onto the frame after trimming off the ends as it is designed to slip inside the open “C” channel and bolt to the inside of the frame rail. The pedal assembly then bolts to the frame mounted bracket.

The kit includes a black powder coated DUAL diaphragm 7″ universal power booster. Non corossive aluminum master cylinder, prop valve and residual valves available below. There is an option below to convert to a manual pedal with iron MC if you do not want power brakes.

Residual valves are highly recommended. Residual valves are required to stop fluid drainback from caliper or wheel cylinder into MC when the MC is lower than your calipers. These plumb in-line and vastly improve how fast your brakes respond with under floor units.

This pedal works very well for most pre-war cars and trucks, early jeeps, early military vehicles etc.or when you want a beneath the floor frame mounted brake system.

Imported. Power boosters assembed and tested in US. Package weighs a hefty 34 lbs.

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Pro Line 28 29 30 31 Ford Model A Power Brake Pedal Assembly – Black Powder Coat

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Weight 36 lbs

Residual Valves - Needed For All Under Floor MC Mount - Front & Rear Circuits Each Need Their Own Valve

Add Aluminum Master Cylinder and Adjustable Proportioning Valve Kit With Brake Light Switch

Convert To Manual Pedal w/ IRon MC - No Booster

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