SALE! Universal Mustang II “U Weld” Crossmember For Springs

PN: WS219625


Application: Late 30’s Cars and Trucks up Through 1970 Ford F150’s. Many 50’s applications as well as muscle cars.


  • 56″ Kit – Is compatible with OUTER frame widths of 26″ – 28″
  • 58″ Kit – Is compatible with OUTER frame widths of28″ – 30″
  • 60″ Kit – Is compatible with OUTER frame widths of 30″ – 32″
  • 62″ Kit – Is compatible with OUTER frame widths of 32″ – 34″

Included parts will produce a crossmember and upper spring towers for 1974-78 Mustang II or 1974-80 Pinto/Bobcat front suspension components or aftermarket replacement Mustang II parts including tubular A-Arms with or without a strut bar. Uses separate coil and shock OEM style arrangement. Kit is designed to lower most cars around 2″ vs. a stock M2 crossmember. You can add drop spindles to further lower the vehicle. You can also use 5/8″ narrowed control arms to further reduce the track width. Available to your upper left.

The visible lines are laser-cut bending slits in the plate. These slits allow precision hand forming. In some cases a hand wrench will provide better grip on a small tab. To complete the kit all you need are a ruler, square, level, a few clamps and a welder. Detailed assembly instructions available.

Steering rack mounts are incorporated into the crossmembers design and rotate the rack back 20° to expose the input shaft lower. OEM manual or power racks including late model Mustang II or T-Bird power racks can be used. The later power rack will require the Power Rack Spacer and longer bolts available below. The rack is positioned so the bellows will clear most aftermarket full A-Arms (FAB Quest, Total Cost Involved, Fatman, etc). Stylish, cone-shaped stamped upper shock mounts also function as the coil spring locator.

The upper towers are of “anti-dive” geometry .

The holes for the lower control arms are 1/2″ (stock). If you will use lower ‘A’-arms instead of the stock lower track bar arms, the lower pivot holes will need to be drilled out to 5/8″.

Detailed installation instructions show how to set up the front end at the ride height you desire. Rack extenders or Ford Fairmont tie rod ends must be used on 58″ and 60″ kits. Actual track width will vary depending on the brake configuration. Crossmember & upper towers are made from US produced 3/16″ mild steel.



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