SALE! Triangulated Rear 4 Link Kit With Adjustable Ride Height

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Application: Full Framed or Sub Framed Vehicles Requiring a “No Panhard Bar” 4 Link


Triangulated Rear 4 Link Kit With Adjustable Ride Height: GM has used a triangulated rear four link in many of their cars for decades. The design eliminates the Panhard bar thus opening up exhaust routing as well as providing a “low bind” sophisticated suspension.

Will this fit your car? This kit will locate the lower, longer link bar bushing center 27″ in front of your rear axle vertical center line. You will need available frame in front of and behind this measurement to weld the bracket to. Please look a the photo’s and drawing to assist with dimension. To accommodate various frame widths the formed upper frame brackets are a “trim to fit” design and can be used to mount inside or outside of the frame. Unequal length bars are 1″ heavy-wall (.188 upper and .219 lower bar side wall) seamless tubing, tapped one end 3/4-16 RH  (stud size) and notched for the urethane bushing tube on the other end. HD large bushings are 1.75″ wide. The rear axle brackets locate the lower link bar as well as incorporate an adjustable static ride height coil over mount. Air Spring option available below. Choose the “separate” air bag mount if you would like to move the mount independently of the lower link bar bracket. Choose the “integrated” mount for easier welding and a cleaner look.

Standard duty 1.25″ wide bushing and 5/8″ adjuster stud downgrade available below. This smaller bushing option comes pre-welded only.

The main photo is of kit with the welded option. Base kits will ship unwelded. You will only need to weld the bushing tubes to their studs or link bars and weld the shock mount support block inside the axle bracket. Integrated air bag mounts have a welded option. See pics above of all of these options.

Assembly and installation tips are provided.

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Triangulated Rear 4 Link Kit With Adjustable Ride Height for Air Bags or Coil Over Shocks



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Weight 50 lbs

Air Spring Option

Welded Option - Large Bushing Only!

Add Upper Air Bag Bracket - Frame or Crossmember Mounting Pad

Lower Coil Over Bolt Kit

Add Upper Coil Over Mount Bar

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