SALE! Universal “You Weld” Rear Panhard Bar Kit

PN: WS2184


This universal panhard kit works with most rear ends and is quite sturdy. The long 27 x 7/8″ diameter main bar is tapped on both ends making for easy side to side adjustments. Weld the axle standoff bracket to wherever it makes the bar clear the pumpkin and reach the frame mounting tabs. If need be, you can weld a dropdown bracket from your frame to assist in locating the bar end. Some frames are just too high. The longer and lower the bar is mounted the less body roll you will have.You can trim the bar to fit. You may need to retap depending on the amount trimmed off.

Kit includes: 27″ threaded bar, 2 adjuster studs, bushings and tubes for both bar ends, axle bracket, 2 frame bracket tabs, nuts, bolts and washers to mount the bar.

To complete the kit you will need to fold up the axle bracket along its lazer slits and weld as well as weld the 2 adjuster studs to the bushing tubes. Overall quite a simple and quick set of welds. We have a pre-welded option available as well.

Brackets made of US 3/16″ thick steel.

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