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Rocket Injector As Cast by Rocket Wheels

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The Rocket Injector “As Cast” provides classic 60’s traditional dragster styling at very affordable prices. This style of wheel was the “must have” magnesium racing wheel of that era. Diggers, gassers, home builts all ran this style of wheel at one time or another. This Rocket Injector wheel is precision-crafted from A356 aluminum and topped off with a vintage style aluminum o-ring center cap. The Injector As Cast comes just like the original mag wheels with a fine textured cast surface on both hoops, centers plus caps. Choose from many vintage lug patterns, sizes and off-sets to fit your drag toy or hot rod needs.

This wheel screams RPM7 magnesium look powder coating! this goldish green coating is an accurate period surface treatment and keeps that “as cast” wheel looking fresh! See pics and options below. As cast spinners can be ordered with the RPM7 coating as well. Thats right…classic knock off magnesium look wheels for under 1K! Sick!

Choose your size and quantity below then add to cart. Only 1 size can be added at a time. For additional sizes just contiue shopping from the cart and repeat. Don’t forget your accessories! Add spinners, lug nut kits and other accessories from the list of available “Rocket Accessories” under the red “Rocket Wheels” button at the top!

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Classic hot rod style, one piece cast aluminum racing wheels with polished outer rim and stylish gray painted center. Select from many sizes and off-sets to fit your custom car needs. Modern or classic cars will look timeless with these beautifully crafted muscle car wheels by Rocket Wheels.

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